• Nicholas “Nick” Lewis
  • 17, Junior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Gay
  • Falling for Oliver Collins (jj hamblett)
  • Son of Charlie and Fran Lewis
  • Brother of Sharna Lewis (stella hudgens)
  • Secret: Is in love with his straight best friend

It’s hard to look at Nick Lewis and think, ‘Man, I wonder if that kid’s got someone to lay next to at night,” or “Do you think Nick Lewis ever gets lonely?” The answers to those questions are no, and a great, big yes. Some may think that Nick’s life is simple. He’s an amazingly talented singer, a charming young man, and frankly, a very attractive person. This guy’s just got it going for him, right? Wrong.

Yeah, sometimes Nick can’t help but feel a little lonely; it’s not his fault he can’t find someone that actually seems to be worth fighting for. And being one of the very few ‘out-and-proud’ gay boys in Grimstone, sometimes, it seems easier just to give up. Especially when you finally find someone you think you might be interested in, only to quickly hear that it is impossible that they will ever feel that way about you.

Yes, Oliver Collins is Nick’s best friend. Yes, they have a lot in common…except for two things; Nick is in love with Oliver, and Oliver isn’t gay.

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  • Jeremy Chang
  • 16, Junior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Interested in RPer’s Choice
  • Son of Timothy and Tammy Chang
  • Secret: Sick of people labeling him a flirt

Jeremy will happily admit that he has a lot of friends who are girls. He loves hanging around with girls; they’re fun and great to talk to. But everyone else at Grimstone High seems to see it as being a bit of a ‘man whore.’ His over-nice personality and caring nature is always mistaken for flirting. To be honest, he’s kind of over it by now.

Jeremy’s perfect girl hasn’t come along yet. The only relationships that have come his way have been in the form of flings. He’s hoping to find a girl that won’t trust rumours and will instead get to know him for who he truly is.

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  • Dylan Blackwell
  • 18, Senior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Son of Peter and Angela Blackwell
  • Secret: Is a sex addict

Dylan is the most popular of the seniors. He truly couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of him. He drinks, smokes, dabbles with drugs now and then and parties hard. He’s the boy who gets a different girl every night and has never been able to hold a relationship.

Dylan hasn’t told anyone - he doesn’t think it’s a problem - but he is addicted to sex and cannot have only one girl in his life. Even being the most popular senior at Grimstone High, he can only truly confide in his best mate, Adrian Wood.

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  • Trenton Wood
  • 16, Junior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Son of Christopher and Alicia Wood
  • Brother of Adrian Wood (ashton irwin)
  • Secret: Is depressed and self harms; only his best mate, Jeremy, knows

Trenton Wood has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, Adrian. Trenton has never been as smart, popular, or athletic as him. Trenton believes that, because of this, he is letting his parents down.

He gets on well with his family, but Trenton never feels confident enough to confide in them. He’s been dealing with depression since he was 13 years old and has been self harming for about a year now. It’s his way of dealing with his insecurities.

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  • Sharna Lewis
  • 18, Senior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • In a relationship with Adrian Wood (ashton irwin)
  • Adoptive daughter of Charlie and Fran Lewis
  • Adoptive sister of Nick Lewis (jaymi hensley)
  • Secret: She has repressed memories of her abusive parents - the parents she had before she was adopted into the Lewis family

Sharna Lewis is the adopted daughter of Charlie and Fran Lewis. When she was a young child, her biological parents were physically abusive towards her. Pretty much every resident of Grimstone is aware of her being adopted but no one knows about her early life - not even her boyfriend, Adrian.

She now lives an incredibly fortunate life with her new family in Grimstone. She has great friends and an incredible boyfriend. Her younger brother, Nick, is her best friend in the world.

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  • Adrian Wood
  • 18, Senior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • In a relationship with Sharna Lewis (stella hudgens)
  • Son of Christopher and Alicia Wood
  • Brother of Trenton Wood
  • Secret: Hasn’t told his parents that he’s not going to college even though that’s what they have always wanted for him.

Adrian is the token perfect guy. He gets decent grades, he’s athletic, popular, and has the perfect relationship. His entire life, he has lived the teenage dream, but he has grown tired of living up to his parents expectations.

Adrian has a good relationship with his brother and would take a bullet for him any day. He feels bad for Trenton always having to live in his shadow, and being known as “Adrian Wood’s little brother.”

In order to get away from all the hype his family and the school have created over him, Adrian has decided that he is not going to college. The only person he has told is his girlfriend, Sharna; she is one of the only people he actually trusts.

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  • Cory Garelli
  • 14, Freshman @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Son of Jon and Daniela Garelli
  • Brother of Kari Garelli (victoria justice)
  • Secret: Is bullied so badly that he doesn’t really want to go to school anymore.

Cory is saddled with dozens of insecurity issues and they all seem to stem from the fact that he lost his father at a young age to cancer. He was seven years old when his father passed away and, because of this, Cory grew up without a strong male influence in his life.

His insecurity issues are increased due to the fact that he is bullied at school. It’s gotten to the point where he comes home every day with bruises. He does a good job of hiding them, but he feels like he can’t even go to school anymore. He hasn’t told anyone, but despite this, his older sister knows. Still, she has done nothing to stop the bullies.

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  • Kari Garelli
  • 17, Junior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Daughter of Jon and Daniela Garelli
  • Sister of Cory Garelli (colin ford)
  • Secret: Knows about Cory’s bullying, but doesn’t know what to do about it and hasn’t intervened because she’s afraid she will become a target.

Ever since the death of her father, Kari has been…well…a bitch. Plain and simple. Her mother - Daniela Garelli, owner of the restaurant, the Bistro - fails to realize how rude this diva can truly be because she hides behind her polite and carefree smile. Kari will do anything to get what she wants even if it means resorting to very underhanded tricks.

Her friends will all say that those are just rumors and that Kari is a sweetie, however, there are always two sides to this ever-changing coin. She’s the current leader of the glee club at Grimstone High, but only because she fought her way into that position tooth and nail. She thinks of herself first and this is why she hasn’t really done anything about Cory and his bullying.

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  • Bonnie Towne
  • 17, Senior @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Childhood crush on Stevie Clean (louis tomlinson)
  • Daughter of Ken and Elizabeth Towne
  • Secret: Afraid of being bullied herself, so she bullies others

The Towne family moved to Grimstone from Los Angeles, California when Bonnie was just ten years old. Bonnie feels like a big shot compared to all the ‘small town’ people living in Grimstone and she is not afraid to let them know that.

Throughout all the years that she has lived in Grimstone, Bonnie has only made two friends, but she has been in countless relationships with boys who have meant less than nothing to her. The only person she’s ever really liked was Stevie Clean but it’s obvious that he doesn’t like her type.

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  • Haven Pontez
  • 16, Sophomore @ Grimstone High School
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • In a relationship with Chavi Chavez (ian eastwood)
  • Daughter of Kevin and Kimberly Pontez
  • Secret: Debating with herself about whether her not she should attend a very prestigious dance academy

Kevin and Kim Pontez are one of the newer couples to move to Grimstone, only having lived here for about a year and a half. Before they moved to our small town, they lived in New York where their only daughter, Haven, took dance lessons her entire life. When her father was relocated to the little place called Grimstone, Haven was upset at first to be leaving her beloved dance academy. But, after a while, she got used to the town - and even grew to like it!

Recently, she has been offered a scholarship to one of the top dance based schools in the country. Haven is undecided on whether she will attend in her last two years of high school because Grimstone has truly grown on her.

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